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The Royal Wedding

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How you are celebrating the Royal Wedding?

Can you remember who is getting married today?

Are you watching it on television or having a special party or even dressing up?

4 comments on “The Royal Wedding

  1. My family and I are watching the royal wedding on t.v.
    My mum has had the tv on since 9 am watching the wedding things.
    We have made a cake and our own bunting which we put up. I drew my own union Jack.
    Mum explained different member of royal family that were arriving. We have had cookies and sausage rolls and will be having jelly and ice cream later as our own little royal party.

  2. I watched the royal wedding on the TV with my family at home. Me and my brother made a tiara and crown. My brother waved a Union Jack flag. We wore the tiara and crown while we watched the royal wedding. We had a bbq to celebrate.

  3. We watched the Royal Wedding on the T.V. 👰👑 I think Meghan looked beautiful, I loved her dress. I think Prince Harry and Meghan looked nervous as there were so many people watching them. They both looked very happy and had big smiles on their faces 😀 We had sandwiches and strawberries and cream.

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