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That Christmas feeling

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We hope you are all having a wonderful Christmas time with your families.  This year we would like you to think about what Christmas is all about, spending time with family and friends and reflecting on the good times we have.

Over the holidays can you – 

  1. Find something outside that you enjoy looking at.
  2. Find something that makes you happy.
  3. Do something to make someone else happy.
  4. Find something that tastes good.
  5. Find something that makes a beautiful sound.
  6. Do something that makes you laugh.
  7. Before you go to sleep, think of something that made you happy today.
  8. Think of something you enjoy doing outdoors with friends.
  9. Think of a place that you love.
  10. Find something that is unique to you.
  11. Discover something new.

Enjoy your family time and Best wishes for the New Year

1 comment on “That Christmas feeling

  1. I have had lots of fun spending time with my friends and family this holiday.
    I have enjoyed being outside, discovering new things and doing my favourite things.
    I am looking forward to coming back to school and seeing my friends.

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