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Space Chase – summer reading challenge

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Have you signed up for the Space Chase reading challenge at Ash Library? 

When you have read your books, please write a short book review, telling us what you have enjoyed about your book.  Your friends might want to read it too!

We look forward to hearing about your books.

Happy reading!


7 comments on “Space Chase – summer reading challenge

  1. I’ve just finished my first book of the holidays only to discover it has a part two. Hope I can find it in a Scottish bookshop!
    Keep reading everyone. How many pages does your book have?

  2. I went to the library and signed up for the reading challenge. I have read two books so far. The first one was called Monstars Perfect Pet by Steve Cole. It had 62 pages and had pictures of Monstar. It was about Monstar finding a perfect pet. The second book was called Horrid Henry and the mega-mean time machine. It had 78 pages and it had pictures of Horrid Henry. It was by Francesca Simon. It was about Horrid Henry playing with a time machine that he made by himself. He was a very clever boy. Tomorrow I’m going to go to the library to choose two more books.

  3. I have enjoyed reading lots of different books this holiday.
    My favorite books have been the Early Reader Pokemon and Beast Quest books because my older cousin Adam reads them too.
    I went to the library yesterday and chose lots of pirate books. I am going to start reading them today.

  4. I have been enjoying reading an exciting adventure story about a boy and his dragon. I finished the second book on holiday and ordered my new book ready for when I came home as I couldn’t wait to start!
    Well done for enjoying the reading challenge Harrison and Jack.

  5. I have just finished the space challenge and put my planet next to the dog in the library picture. I’ve read lots of books this summer. The Enchanted Wood, The Faraway Tree, The Folk of the Faraway Tree, Fabio the Flamingo Detective, Hotel Flamingo, as well as the 6 I got from the library. My favourite book this summer has been The Folk of The Faraway Tree because I loved the part where the trolls run away because they thought they saw snakes but it was really giant caterpillars. I’m not reading the Lonely Lion Cub at Zoes Rescue Zoo. But my mum has ordered the next faraway tree book for me, I cant wait.

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