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Snow fun!

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What fun have you had in the snow?  Have you made snowballs, been sledging, made a snowman or made snow angels? Or have you made up your own game?

Let us know how you have been enjoying the snow.



20 comments on “Snow fun!

  1. We have had a snowball fight with with Yuvraj and his grandma. We got the snow by sweeping it from the cars. Our gloves got covered in mini snowballs. A fingers got cold.

  2. I have made Snow Angels and will be going sledging later. Enjoying watching the snow fall while I eat lunch.

  3. I made a snowman and snow angels. I played in the snow with my family and my dogs. One of my dogs ate the snow! We had snow ball fights. I’m having lots of fun playing in the snow! ⛄

  4. Me and Louise and Lilly have been building a snow man. I have been throwing snowballs . We all love the snow. I love warming up with hot porridge and with hot chocolates and warm choc chip cakes freshly baked.

  5. Lovely to see so many people taking part in our school blog – thank you Mums and Dads.
    I am going to brave the snow to put out some bird food.
    Where is the best place to sledge in Ash?

  6. My two children were pretending they were in the winter Olympics trying to beat each other’s furthest sledge run!

  7. Me and daddy built an igloo, Mummy made a snow snail and me and my brother had lots of fun throwing snow balls. Our hands got so cold in the snow ❄️ 🌨☃️

  8. I went sledding up the ranges with my cousin, mummy and auntie.
    It was lots of fun, I then built a snowman with daddy at home ☃️❄️🌨

  9. Liam and lilly collected snow for the snowman and louise built the body and face then Louise put the decoration on the snowman.
    When we finished we threw snowballs at each other with Toto the dog and tigger the tiger then we went to the bottom of the garden it was really deep snow so we buried Toto and tigger under snow.
    This morning we noticed big footprints and little footprints in snow left by the animals at night. We remain it was a very big fix.

  10. I spent the morning in my pjs playing with my brother Jack. After lunch me and my family went out and we met my friends in the very very snowy park. We didn’t have a sledge so we my Daddy made us one out of a recycling box and some rope. I saw Josh T. We all had a great time. We threw snowballs at each other and mostly I threw them at Mrs Thorn. We had to go to do some Work for my Mummy but I was on the sledge. I made a few snow angels in the snowy winter park. We also made a great snowman with a carrot for his nose. We then went home for a hot chocolate, popcorn, a movie and a fire to warm us up.

  11. Liam I have found footprints in the snow all over my garden this morning too I hope I see the culprit – I will try and take a photo and show you in school.
    Have fun and enjoy the snow.

  12. Mumma and we made a snow angel. We made a snow manwith a carrot nose and a scarf and had a good time. I loved sliding in the slide really fast and bouncing snow off the trampoline. I helped mumma clear the snow from the path and threw a snowball. Daddy skidded in the snow when he was coming home from work

  13. Thank you for all your snowy stories, you have all been busy enjoying the snow. I feel a bit sad it has all gone now!

  14. I went on my sledge, made snowmen and snow monsters. On Saturday I rode my bike at Granny’s in the melting snow which was hard.

  15. My mummy pulled me along on my sledge and we delivered a birthday card to our Friend, we said it was by Sledge Delivery! When we got home it was snowing again so my daddy and I had a snow ball fight with Mrs White and Ollie. It was so much fun.

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