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Signs of Spring

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Over the Easter Holidays, can you be a nature detective and search for signs of spring? You can look for new plants growing in your garden or near your house. You could upload a photograph of something you find  (make sure you don’t have any people in your photograph), and you can type your own message.

Have fun looking for new life growing and we will look forward to seeing what you find.

Happy Easter.

20 comments on “Signs of Spring

  1. Happy Easter everyone. In my garden I have spotted lots of daffodils and a baby robin. Keep looking for the signs of spring. We would love the children to have a go at typing their own message if they can. Thank you

  2. On the way to my Nana’s house we saw some lambs on a hill.
    On the way back from Rainbows we saw some frogspawn in a pond.
    In our front garden we saw some flowers and buds on my tree.

  3. I’m having a lovely Easter Mrs Cawson. I hope you’re having a lovely Easter too love Ryan. I have noticed the daffodils in Nana’s garden are the same as the ones outside school. The other thing about spring i have noticed is in the morning it is lighter and at night when I go to bed it is still light.

      1. I have also seen lots of bumblebees and I noticed some daisies growing on the grass. I also saw a robin a the park the other day.

  4. I saw frog spawn at Nanny and Grandad’s house in the pond. At Wellington Country Park there were lambs and baby goats. I got to feed them. I went to the park for a picnic and saw daffodils.

    1. That’s great Oliver, I saw a robin in my garden too. Tulips are one of my favourite flowers, what colour is it?

  5. I have seen beautiful daffodils growing up through the grass. I have been to a farm and seen lots of baby lambs and kids (which are baby goats) and I have seen blossom on the trees. There is lots of new life.

  6. I have seen some baby moorhen chicks in the pond near my house, and lots of bumble bees visiting the pink blossom on our tree.

  7. I have seen lots of big bumble bees and a butterfly. We saw baby ducks that were a week old. I planted a seed on Good Friday that I was given by Father Keith and the ladies from the church in a little pot and it is already 12 centimetres high. We don’t know what flower it is is but it will be fun to wait and see what it grows into.

  8. We went to birdworld and saw a duck with it’s ducklings. There were 6 of them and they were very cute. We also went to Miller’s Ark Farm and saw baby lambs and chicks. I got to hold them!

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