Parent Information

We pride ourselves in our good home school links and are pleased with the good relationship with our parents.

We regularly hold open mornings and afternoons and our good partnership was recognised in our latest Ofsted report. We have a small Parents Focus group who regularly meet with us to guide us in further developing our school. Parents’ views are often sought to ensure we are doing the best we can.

Keeping you informed

A weekly Walsh Memorial Newsletter is emailed to all parents fortnightly on a Friday containing all the information on the events happening in school. Occasionally letters of a more urgent or important nature will be sent home during the week. Key dates can be found on our website calendar. We also support local groups by sending home flyers which we hope you will find useful and informative.

We have a email service which is a very effective form of communication between home and school. Parents receive e-mail reminders of events in school and in emergency situations such as a school trip being delayed by traffic we are able to send texts to Parents mobile phones.