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Share your exciting days out with us. Have you had a trip to the park, been to the beach or maybe been to the library for the book challenge?


We’ll look forward to hearing about your special days out.

12 comments on “Out and about

  1. I went to my Nanna’s for 3 nights. I went to the seaside with her and my brother. Something bad happened. Someone jumped off a very tall cliff into the water but luckily he was alright. On Saturday I came home and we had a barbecue with some of our friends. It was yummy especially the ice cream for afters!

    On Sunday I went to my friends birthday party. She had animals that I could hold. I held a Bunny, a Guinea Pig, a Hedgehog, a Mouse (which pooed on me), a Bearded Dragon, a Leaf Insect, a Tortoise and a Millipede. My favorite was the Hedgehog. He was so very cute. I decorated a pencil case with pens and lovely shiney sparkley gems. I had a hot dog for my party tea.

    I have cycled to the library a few times to do the reading challenge. I love reading the Little Gem books especially the ones by Michael Morpurgo. My favorite one was Snug the cat. I thought Snug was dead but luckily it was another cat and Snug was still alive.

    I finished my lego house today. It was very good. I played with it after my lunch. Have a nice summer holiday!!!!!!

    1. Hi Emily
      You are very brave to hold all those animals. I love hedgehogs and I have been having lessons on how to look after them so that we will be able to adopt two shortly. If we pass I will take a photo to show you.
      See you soon

      1. Are we going to have Hedgehogs at school? I’d love to have a pet Hedgehog at school. I hope the photo will be cute because I love ❤️ cute animals! What have you been learning about hedgehogs? How do you look after them? I hope you’re enjoying the summer holiday as much as I am.

        1. Hi Emily
          I hope to be able to rehouse hedgehogs at home. I have to have a very large pen much bigger than a chickens coop We have to feed them dog food and are not allowed to name them or cuddle them. I am really enjoying my holiday and are off to Croatia soon.
          I am looking forward to seeing all the children soon.

  2. Hello everyone . . .
    This summer I have been getting up to exciting things.
    I have been to the skate park, a summer show and I watched a puppet show that was Punch and Judy for my year two learning.
    I have been to Farnham Park, and rode my bike.
    I went to the cinema to watch Incredible’s two and it was super dooper
    incredible. I have also baked a cake and made some cheese and tomato
    pastry plaits. We have been to feed the fish at the Garden Centre too.
    My friend Grace W came for a play date at my house.
    Last but not least, I have finished my Summer reading challenge with Ash Library – YAY!!!!

    I hope you enjoyed reading my post that I wrote my self.
    by Nia!

    1. Well done for finishing your Summer Reading Challenge so quickly. I look forward to hearing which was your favourite book.

  3. This summer, I have already done lots of exciting things!
    Last week, I went to Cornwall. I stayed at my Nanny and Grandad’s house. On the first day, I went to the beach. I played in the sea and dug a massive hole.
    On another day, I went to Paradise Park. I was really lucky because I got to stroke a penguin. It felt hard and slimy. Also, I got to feed goats and sheep.
    One day, I met up with my friend Molly. We had lunch together and played in her playhouse.
    I had lots of fun but couldn’t go on any big climbing frames because I broke my collar bone the day before we went! I had to go to hospital and have an x-ray. I was very brave. I hope it is better before I go into Year 1.

  4. When we went to Nannas we went to Chester Zoo and we saw lots of animals, including a Jaguar and a venomous Komodo Dragon. Our second cousins came with us. We had a good day.

    1. My collar bone is nearly all better thank you Josh.
      I went to Marwell Zoo and saw giraffes, an anteater and lots of other animals but I didn’t see a jaguar!

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