Religious Education

We follow Surrey’s Agreed Syllabus for Religious Education which is non-denominational. Children are introduced to Christianity through stories, customs and celebrations, special places, people and artefacts. A carefully planned scheme of work includes teaching about aspects of two other religions, Judaism and Islam. The experiences of our children are enhanced by religious artefacts, visitors and regular visits to our parish church.


 Year One


Why is the Bible a special book for Christians?


Why is Harvest a worldwide celebration?

What makes a church different from other buildings?

Why is Christmas important to Christians Godly Play


What made Moses a good leader?

What is the Torah and why is it important?

What might God be like?

What do eggs have to do with Easter?


Why do Jewish families celebrate Shabbat?

Why do Jewish families celebrate Hanukkah?

Who were Jesus’ Friends?


Year Two


What is prayer?


What happens in a Church?

Why is the Mosque Special to Muslims?

Christmas II



Who is Allah?

Why is the Qu’uran special to Muslims/ Who is Muhammad (pbuh)

Why is Easter important to Christians?


How can we make our world a better place?

How do Christians follow Jesus?