Physical Education

 PE includes the teaching of Gymnastics, Dance, Games and Athletics. The children become increasingly skilled and confident in their agility, balance and coordination, individually and with others. They take part in competitive (both against themself and others) and co-operative activities. The children are taught about the benefits of living a healthy lifestyle.

At lunchtimes and playtimes the children take part in activities using a variety of equipment and a Play Leader is employed to lead games at lunchtime. As part of the Government’s Sports and PE funding the children are given the opportunity to experience different sports led by experts. In the Summer Term, all our children take part in our Sports Day which is a mixture of competitive races and group sporting experiences.

 Year One


Dance: The Magic Toys

Gymnastics: Bouncing, Jumping and Landing and Patches

Gymnastics: Rocking and Rolling

Gymnastics: Wide-Narrow-Curled


Dance: Animals

Games: Focus on ball skills and games

Games: Throwing and catching aiming games

Games: Bat/ ball games and skills (skipping)


Dance: Life cycles

Athletics: Units 1 and 2


Year Two


Games: Throwing and catching inventing games

Games: Making up games with a partner


Gymnastics: Parts high and parts low



Dance: Unit 1 and unit 2

Gymnastics: Pathways-Straight, zigzag and curving

Gymnastics: Turning, spinning, twisting

Gymnastics: Putting movements together


Games: Dribbling, kicking and hitting

Games: Group games and inventing rules


Athletics: Unit 1 and 2

Dance: Dance around the world