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Happy half term!

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How are you spending your half term hoilday?

Are you going away on holiday with your family, having day trips out, having time at home with family and friends, or maybe going to the park?

You could try and add a photograph and share your news with us.  

Have a lovely time and we look forward to reading your news.






8 comments on “Happy half term!

  1. I went to Warwick castle with my family, Grandad and Nanny. I bought a sharp sword. I also watched the Alice in wonderland ballet. It was very, very good. We went to the Peter Rabbit Cinema. Then we had a bbq because some of my friends are moving to Ireland. We are going to go to birdwold tomorrow for my brother’s nursery trip.

    1. Wow Emily, you have been busy. We went to the Living Rainforest today and were hoping to see a sloth – but think she was still asleep!

  2. I went to 4 Kingdoms for superhero day and met Batman, Captain America, Venom, The Joker, The Hulk, Super Girl, Poison Ivy and Optimus Prime. They were all funny but Venom was the funniest because he kept falling over. I went on some big slides twice and I went on two climbing frames. I drove a go kart and went on a train.

  3. We went to Windsor great park and had a lovely picnic, it was really sunny.
    We went to a church in Woking which had a Ferris Wheel and petting Farm. I loved seeing the animals, my favourite was the donkey. I had my face painted there – I was a fox!
    We went to The Look Out Discovery Centre, I really enjoyed going round the centre and doing all the activities. I loved the slime show and had fun playing in the park.
    We went to watch Shrek The Musical at Woking theatre, it was brilliant!
    We went for lots of walks with our dogs, my dog Shadow always manages to find water to jump in to and gets really wet and muddy! My other dog Izzy avoids the mud as she doesn’t like getting dirty! 🐶
    I’ve had a lovely half term! 😁

  4. Firstly we went camping with our friends in the new forest and had loads of fun, it was so sunny. On Tuesday I went with Nanna to the World Wildlife Fund place and made a habitat for fish and found out about how to save animals and at the end of the day we got a medal. On Saturday, I went to the historic dockyards and found out how to make rope and then yesterday I went on a barge inn Guildford. I have had such a fun half term

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