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How have you managed to reduce or recycle plastic this half term?

What else do you recycle? 

Do you have any ideas how we can all reduce our plastic waste?

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  1. This is going to be a real challenge. I’m looking forward to hearing all the children’s good ideas. Have a fun half term everyone. I’m going to keep some yoghurt pots to use as paint pots in our arts week.

  2. Hi everyone!

    We could stop using plastic straws for the milk cartons at break times? A lot of places now use paper straws.

    We buy recycled paper to use at home – could the school do the same?

    Have a good holiday everyone!

  3. Good idea, we are going to be writing to our milk and fruit suppliers next term to ask for plastic free packaging and alternative straws.

  4. Our New Years resolution was to reduce our plastic waste as a family. some of the changes we’ve made at home that may work at school include…

    • Collecting our large yoghurt pots to plant seeds to grow our own veg.

    • Getting a veg/ fruit box delivered once a week instead of buying it plastic wrapped and finding recipes to use it all up.

    • Using bars of soap and refilling our washing up liquid (there is a local lady who delivers re fills ‘twin larder’)

    • Saving glass jars and using them for storage or home made playdough storage.

    • If toys or plastic storage containers need replacing we look for second hand first on marketplace, charity shops or asking family and friends.

    • We collect outer (clean) plastic packaging and cut it up to put into an eco brick. They can be used for building. There is a page for this to help get started with weights and requirements etc.

    • We have looked at ordering from ‘green cane paper’ next time we need toilet and kitchen towel. It is delivered plastic free and is made from recycled sugarcane and bamboo.

  5. We watched some of Blue Planet Live and saw how dumping plastic in the sea puts sealife in danger. We saw dolphins who would normally play with pieces of coral playing with plastic instead and turtles with can packaging around their necks. It made us feel angry and sad.

    This half term we noticed how much plastic we used at home that could not be recycled. So we have decide to reduce the amount of non-recyclable plastic we use by:

    – Buying loose fruit and vegetables that are not in any packaging – maybe this is something school could do with the fruit and vegetable snacks. Could the raisin snacks be in cardboard boxes rather than plastic packets?
    – Trying to grow some of our own fruit and vegetables like tomatoes and peas
    – Buying breakfast cereal in boxes that can be recycled, or buying loose cereal that we put in our own containers

  6. Jessica
    Next time I go shopping I am going to see if I can find bamboo plasters.
    Thank you
    Mrs Cawson

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