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Festive celebrations

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Happy Christmas Eve.

How do you and your family celebrate Christmas?

Do you have special family traditions that you would like to share with us all?

Enjoy this festive time and we look forward to seeing how we all celebrate.

Merry Christmas to you all.

5 comments on “Festive celebrations

  1. On or just before Christmas Eve my family all get together and play games, have buffet food and plenty of music. It is the only time we all can be together as our family is so big. Christmas day changes every year but we always try to go to my Nana’s house for dinner.

    Hope you all had a very Merry Christmas and a fabulous New Year!


  2. On Christmas Eve we leave out carrots, mince pies and milk for Santa and his reindeer.

    Every year we do something different on Christmas eve, Christmas day and Boxing day – we visit family or family come here. This year on Christmas eve we went to my Nani’s house and to my cousins house. On Christmas Day we went to my Grandma’s house and on Boxing Day everyone came to our house. Next year we will spend the days differently again!!

  3. This year I spent my Christmas with my Grandad and Nanny. I also spent it with my cousins. On Christmas Eve we normally put milk and mince pies out for Father Christmas. We also leave carrots for Father Christmas’s reindeers. I sprinkled some reindeer food on the back garden. When we got there I saw fairy lights in the garden. On Christmas Eve we found the Elves and they had brought a bird feeder to feed the birds.

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