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Exciting hoilday adventures!

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Share your holiday news and tell us what  exciting adventures you are having during the summer hoildays. Have you been away on holiday, been camping or stayed with friends?


We’ll look forward to hearing about your holidays.

8 comments on “Exciting hoilday adventures!

  1. Last week I went to Center Parcs with my Mum, Dad and brother Toby. I went climbing and got to the top of the orange and yellow wall. I got given a badge for doing good climbing and on it there is a white web with Spiderman on it. I went swimming every day. The best bit was when I was a good swimmer. Also, I went on a pony ride. The pony was called Tango. When the other ponies pooed, Tango stepped in it! We went on a boat and I got to steer it. My little brother Toby did too. Dad helped us to do that. I got to paint a shark money box which is now in my bedroom. One evening, I went on a walk in the forest with Dad, lots of people and a lady called Becky. I did some good talking and listening. I got to hold a shrew’s skull and I saw a fox skull. We ate lots of lovely food and got to stay in a special lodge which had a very high number on the door.

    1. Dear Harrison
      It looks like you had a really great holiday. You are very brave to go on a pony ride. I am TERRIFIED of horses so I am very impressed. The boat ride sounds exciting.
      Keep doing the good talking and listening.
      See you soon

  2. We have been staying with my Grampy in Spain. We have been swimming everyday, we have been to the beach lots of times and we have been to a huge water park with slides and a wave machine. We have had lots of fun!

  3. Sounds like you are both having exciting holidays so far, you have been busy Harrison. Last week my children and I visited my sister’s new house in Wales. We are very lucky as she has lots of animals that we can help look after. She has sheep, goats, ducks, chickens, horses, a donkey and alpacas, and she was looking after a noisy ram, it kept us busy making sure they all had enough water in their fields.

  4. So far this holiday I have stayed the night at the Marwel hotel and looked around the zoo. My favourite animals are the giraffes and the tigers. We have then been on the Windsor duck tour which was really fun as it drives on land and then goes into the water. I got to see lots of swans and ducks and found out that the queen was not at home but she considers Windsor castle her home. Mummy told me that as a child her wish was to play hide and seek in the castle, I’d like to do that too. We liked Windsor castle and got to see the changing of the guards which was brilliant. I have had a few days doing a woodland camp and learning lots about nature and how we should look after our woodlands and wildlife. Next week we are off to the isle of Wight and I can’t wait. Barnaby bear is having lots of fun and says hello to the new diamond class.

  5. Hello everyone. I went to Pagham it was fun, I toasted marshmallows, a walk on the beach and playing in the arcades. At Pagham I even swim in the whole big pool and the little one and I went like a shark, we played with my beach ball too.
    At nannies I have been playing with all my cousin’s, I am so lucky to have so many of them and they are all nearby. I went to gravity force with them all.
    I went to Legoland with Mummy and Daddy. My favourite ride was the fire engine one.
    I have met up with Felicity in the holidays, it was fun to go to each others houses.
    I have had lots of BBQs and splashing about in paddling pools to keep cool.
    Thank you for reading, love Ryan. X

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