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Easter Challenges

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We are looking forward to hearing about the challenges you have completed so far.


Tell us about the books you chose from the Library, where did you go for a picnic and about your walk along the canal or river.

Now you can complete the next set of Easter Challenges –

4. Play a board game.

5. Build an indoor or outdoor den.

6. Make leaf rubbings and then create your own picture.

Tell us about all your adventures, and you can bring in a photos and your picture or upload them onto the blog.

Looking forward to hearing all about your Easter Challenges.  Have you had any different exciting adventures that you want to share that your friends might enjoy doing too?

17 comments on “Easter Challenges

  1. We started our holiday by making Easter Nests. We broke shreaded wheat into small pieces and crushed them with our hands! We then helped mummy break the chocolate into little pieces which she melted for us. We then had to mix the shreaded wheat and the chocolate together – it was messy! We made 12 nests and topped each one with a small chocolate mini-egg. We were going to add a picture but cannot see how to add it!

    1. Sounds yummy, my children have also been baking this holiday too. I’ll find out how to add photos for you. Happy holidays

      1. Hello Nia and Jaydon, I couldn’t upload my photos either. You can always bring them into school to share with us. Thank you for trying.

  2. We went to the library this afternoon picked lots of books for our reading challenge.
    Jayden – I picked “Charlie’s Ice Cream Machine”
    Nia – I picked “Horrid Henry and the haunted house”
    We well tell you what we thought of the books when we have read them!

    We also made a den in our cousins bedroom. They live in Worthing and we saw them on Saturday. We used blankets and had pillows to lay down on! It was awesome!!

  3. Hello everyone we started our Easter holiday going for a lovely long walk along the canal with our friends. We ended up in Ash Vale and saw lots of ducks & swans. We then had our friends back for a play date. Hope your all having a wonderful holiday xx

    1. We love walking along the canal, I’ve always wanted to see a King Fisher but haven’t yet, I think early morning is the best time. Pleased you enjoyed your canal walk. Happy holidays.

  4. We started our Easter holidays at ours Nannas. She lives near the Cuckmere Meanders. We had a beautiful walk to the sea along the meanders and saw lots of different things we don’t see on our normal walks. We saw Swans, a Cormorant diving for fish, a Heron, Egrets, Oyster Catchers, a herd of cows which Nanna told us were Belted Galloways, lots of rabbits holes and sheep with their cute lambs. There was even a world war pillbox bunker we went in!
    Yesterday we went pond dipping with friends and took our teddies for a picnic in the sunshine afterwards. We caught stickleback fish, pond snails, bettle eggs and pond skaters. There was a maze we had fun finding our way through and an obstacle course.
    This morning we have been reading the books we got at the Library. Jack chose some Sir Charlie Stinky Socks books and I got some Sophie Kinsella and Michael Morpurgo books. We also love board games and play lots of them in the holidays. We have been playing Monopoly, Snakes and Ladders, Mouse Trap and Cludeo. Later today we are going to plant lots of things in Farnham. Hopefully we can bring them home and put them in our garden. I hope they are thinfs to eat like tomatoes.
    We are looking after our friends two Guinea Pigs this holiday and we have enjoyed cuddling them and feeding them lettuce treats.
    We’ll bring in some photos to school when we are back 🙂

  5. What an exciting holiday you are having, I love pond dipping too. Well done for completing all the challenges and look forward to seeing your photos. Happy holidays.

  6. We began our Easter holiday in Yorkshire to visit my Nana with my Mummy and Baby brother Myles.
    We went to a lovely farm called Cannon Hall to visit all the new baby animals – we saw little lambs, pigs, cows, alpacas and bunnies.
    We all had a tractor ride around the farm, followed by soft play and an ice lolly.
    The next day me and Mummy went for a walk through the woodland near Nana’s house- I went on my scooter. On the walk we saw pretty spring time flowers- bluebells, daffodils and blossoms.
    There were some tracks that’s were hilly and I had fun running up and down them.
    At home we have celebrated Myles first birthday with an Easter tea party and egg hunt with our friends and family.

    1. What a lovely holiday you have had Eddie, the farm visit sounds fun. I enjoyed the baby lambs when they came to school too. The tractor ride sounds fun too. How lovely for Myles to celebrate his first birthday with an Easter tea party. Thank you for sharing your exciting adventures.

  7. I have had a fun Easter. Last week we went to Lancashire and stayed with Gordon and Elaine. I helped muck the horses out and took their dogs Pip and Runa for walks. We went for a walk down to the river at the bottom of Gordon and Elaines land. We made stepping stones so we could cross and see the landslide. We also went for a walk along a canal and watched a canal boat going through two locks. I saw lots of ducks and shopping trolleys in the canal. From the window of Skipton Castle I saw a heron on the river bank.
    I have been on lots of Easter Egg hunts and picnics at National Trust places my favourite place was Winkworth Arboretum. I have been to Granny and Grandads and made a den with my cousins in their garden. We watched the Jungle Book at the playhouse where Granny works and went Paradise Wildlife Park where I saw the lions.
    Yesterday I went to Wisley and had a picnic before watching the birds of prey. I liked the Bald Eagle best.

    1. What a lovely Easter holiday you and your family have had too. I like Winkworth Arboretum too, we had a lovely Autumn walk last year, it must look pretty in spring too. Thank you for sharing all your exciting adventures Ben.

  8. Thank you for sharing your Easter adventures, you all have had lots of fun outside and we look forward to seeing some of your pictures at school. We will add some more challenges this term to complete, do you have any suggestions that you would like everyone to do?

    1. If you do to the beach in the holidays, you could look for fossils on the beach pebbles – we found a fossil in Littlehampton!

      You could try a new sport or a new game outdoors?
      Go on a minibeast hunt!
      Go to a museum and learn a new fact to share with school.
      Plant a seed and grow a vegetable or a flower?

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