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Happy half term!

This week we are having a different blog, where we can all write part of a story. Try to write between 10 and 20 words only, then the next person can add their story ideas.

After half term, we can share our story at school and hopefully make it into a book!

Happy creative writing.

9 comments on “Creative writing

    1. We went to the park with our mum and saw a dinosaur! The dinosaur came close to us and was about to bite Jayden when suddenly we realised it was a man dressed up in a costume!

      1. Then we saw a squirrel and I picked up an acorn and the squirrel leaped at me because it wanted the acorn! Nia was a little bit frightened because she thought the squirrel was going to bite her but it didn’t!
        We then left the park and…

  1. For our extra special adventure we went to Adventure Wonderland and it was all about Alice in Wonderland. We rode on flying elephants and giant caterpillars and then the sun came out and we…….

  2. We shrunk to the size of an ant and all around us the grass was like a jungle, we found an ant restaurant and a platypus was riding a boat past on the river……

  3. Then Jayden turns back in his size. But he was not a normal boy he was super smart and and when he went to school he made new friends and then it was lunch and ….

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