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Be an Autumn Nature Detective

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In the half term holiday, can you be a nature detective and search for signs of Autumn?

You could –  go on an Autumn walk with your family

                   –  make a leaf rubbing or leaf painting

                   – Take an autumn photograph

                    – listen to what sounds you can hear

                    – create an autumnal piece of art 

                    – and lots more of your ideas

Have fun looking for signs of Autumn and all the lovely colours of the leaves and we will look forward to hearing about what you have found.

Enjoy being a Nature Detective!


4 comments on “Be an Autumn Nature Detective

  1. I have been on a few walks with my family and friends.
    I have seen acorns and conkers on the ground.
    I have noticed the leaves are changing colour from green to brown, pink, red, yellow and orange. They are also falling off the trees. The were crunchie when I walked on them. I loved throwing them up in the air.
    I have also noticed the days are getting shorter and it is getting colder.

  2. I have been on lots of walks this half term. I went to Alice Holt a few times and went to Puttenham and West Wittering too. When I was with my Grandma and my Great Grandma I spotted lots of sweet chestnuts that had fallen from the trees and I saw some acorns too. My Great Grandma also showed me lots of different mushrooms and some fungi in the woods which were like puffballs. I climbed lots of trees.
    It’s much colder now too

  3. We saw lots of animals in the half term holiday. We watched squirrels gatherings acorns and hiding them in the leaves. They were very cheeky and ate the bread for the birds too! We saw a deer family at night with a little baby.They had green eyes and were very friendly.

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