The National Curriculum states that a high quality music education should provide all pupils with the opportunity to sing and play a musical instrument. Music is a universal language and every pupil should have the opportunity to become fluent.

Aims are to

  • Perform, listen to and evaluate music, experiencing a range of periods, composers and genres.
  • Learn to sing, create and compose music.
  • Understand and explore pitch, duration, dynamics, tempo, timbre, texture and structure.

Here at Walsh Memorial, we aim to ensure that the children have a secure understanding of music, a broad knowledge of different styles of music and engage in musical activities with enthusiasm and enjoyment. Our children explore and learn about music through listening to music, singing, composing and evaluating a wide variety of musical periods, genres and styles. Children will learn to be respectful of others personal choice of music and that music can be used as a tool for personal and emotional expression. Through their learning pupils will be able to use their musical knowledge, skills, experiences and musical appreciation to engage with music activities in a variety of different contexts. Through music children will have opportunities to try out their ideas, develop resilience when challenges occur and learn to change strategy as necessary.


Our Musical curriculum – Surrey Arts Interactive, engages the children in activities to listen to, evaluate, communicate their thoughts and show an appreciation of a wide range of musical genres. It uses games through which children can explore pulse, rhythm and pitch, teaches familiar and new songs and enables children to explore and compose using tuned and untuned instruments. Music is taught each week, where skills are built upon from Early years through to Year 2. Our Year 2 pupils begin to play the recorder and demonstrate their skills in celebratory assemblies during the year. Music is also embedded through daily singing in collective worship, weekly choir club and various whole school performances over the year.

Musical appreciation and respect for personal choice happens every week and involves all staff. Each week, a member of staff shares a favourite piece of music for collective worship. It is accompanied by background notes which are shared with the children who then can listen to, evaluate and appreciate the composer and performer.  This further extends our children’s knowledge in music, history and culture.

Music is also used as a tool to enrich other areas of the curriculum – reflection time in RE, creating calm environments for Art or literacy tasks and songs to embed learning during maths lessons.

Children use the outdoor music area independently to explore and develop skills learned within lessons and also as a tool for composition and self- expression. Children can further explore the inter-related dimensions of music, develop their own ideas, show resilience when challenges occur and persevere to a successful outcome.

At the end of each year a summative judgement of each child’s achievement is reported to parents in an annual achievement report.


Through the varied musical activities and experiences at our school, we aim for our children to develop an enthusiasm for and enjoyment of music. Our whole school musical productions are enjoyed by our school community and is evidenced by the praise and many positive comments received. Some children are inspired to continue to play the recorder and others discover skills and strengths that enable them to go on to play other instruments.  Children are able to enjoy music by singing, listening, composing and performing and will have a secure understanding of early musical concepts. Through exploration of music, pupils will also develop their understanding of history, cultural traditions and differences and will have experienced a balanced and broad music curriculum.

Year One
Weeks 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12
Autumn Hey You! Christmas Music
Spring Rhythm in the way we walk Round and Round
Summer Your imagination Reflect, rewind, replay
Year Two
Weeks 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12
Autumn Hands Feet and Heart Recorders

Christmas Music

Spring Recorders Recorders
Summer I wanna play in the band  Friendship songs